Dependents Documentation Required
For Spouse Copy of marriage certificate. If previously married, death certificate or divorce decree.
For Removal of Spouse/Child None at Open Enrollment. Court decree within 31 days of decree during the contract year.
For Natural Child(ren) Child’s birth certificate (showing the parent-child relationship to employee/retiree and/or spouse).
For Adopted Child(ren) Placement papers signed by the courts.
For Disabled Child
(26 years and older)
Physician verification of permanent disability.
Foreign Adoptions Adoption papers signed by the courts; visa showing date of entry to United States.
For Stepchild(ren) Child’s birth certificate (showing parent-child relationship with employee/retiree’s spouse); copy of marriage certificate.
For Court-Ordered Support State affidavit; copy of signed court order requiring employee/retiree to provide support for health coverage.
For Guardianship Court-ordered guardianship deemed permanent for insurance purposes.
For Domestic Partner City of Atlanta Affidavit of Financial Reliance (notarized) within 31 days of approval.
For Termination of Domestic Partner None at Open Enrollment; City of Atlanta Notice of Termination within 31 days of termination during the contract year.

Social Security number and date of birth must be provided for all dependents. Failure to submit the dependent’s Social Security number will result in termination/denial of coverage (exceptions: newborns age six months or less).

Documentation also applies to life insurance coverage.

No documentation is required at Open Enrollment to delete a dependent.

All documentation should contain the employee’s name and Social Security number.